Global Strike in Solidarity with Palestine – Resources & Reading Group

As part of the Global strike in solidarity with Palestine calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire, we are sharing resources in an effort to continue to learn, share knowledge and extend solidarity.

You can find a folder of resources here for kids & young people. It includes resources from Red Sunday School, Migrants in Culture, Friends of Al Aqsa, Woke Kindergarten and Play Radical

Artists Maya Uppal and Hussein Mitha have been hosting a reading group at the studio this month with young people to learn about Palestinian history and culture. 

‘Popular resistance’ from The Palestinian History Tapestry.
This panel includes the names of some Palestinian towns and villages that have organised resistance initiatives including petitions, strikes, demonstrations, civil disobedience, non-cooperation, boycott, divestment and sanctions.

Design by: Ibrahim Muhtadi [Al Quds], Gaza, Palestine Embroidery by : Khawla Dahrouj [Bir Seb’a] Gaza, Palestine

The first session was an introduction to Palestinian history led by Hussein. The purpose of this session was to deepen our understanding of the Palestinian struggle, develop skills in advocating for Palestine amongst widespread lies, historical ignorance and attempts to silence and erase the country and its people.

You can find an audio recording of the introduction from the group session here. It shares the history of Imperialist violence and Palestinian resistance from 1916-2023. You can find a text version here of the group’s reading material.

The second session was was hosted by Maya and was a celebration of Palestinian literature and culture, exploring the joy and resistance in Palestinian art. The group looked at creative methods of resistance and the ways systematically oppressed peoples keep their culture alive, such as poetry, literature, embroidery, music, and food. 

You can find Maya’s resources from the session here.

If you are a young person (16-25yrs) and would like to join the February sessions of the group get in touch with Ardis at