Misleading, Morning Sunshine – New album release by EscapismBlues on Rumpus Records!

Picture of Callum standing in the Rumpus Room doorway, holding their ukulele dressed in a t-shirt decorated with the albums cover art, while smiling at the camera.

We are excited to announce the launch of Rumpus Record’s third release, EscapismBlues’ album ‘Misleading,Morning Sunshine’! Callum (he/they), the artist behind this EP, is one our Young Artists Committee members and has been a regular at Rumpus Room for about two years now.

They had started working on this album at 13, recording a version of the song ‘Flavoured Water’ in their bathtub, pitch black dark and under a blanket in an attempt to drown out as much background noise as possible, before then uploading the song to youtube in 2021.

A picture of the albums cover art, a white paper square with a dark yellow border. in the centre is a hand drawn yellow and black sunshine emblem, across the whole paper are the song titles of the album, handwritten in black ink.

This new recording, whilst still a DIY project, has been done with the support of Charlie Knox (he/him) of Practice Good Practice and his studio equipment. Callum has said that he learnt a lot from the process and feels able to try recording and mixing on their own in the future. We’re all really proud of them for this achievement, launching right as they leave high school, and can’t wait to listen to any future releases!

You can find the album on here on Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music. <3

A picture of Callum, dressed in a t-shirt displaying the albums cover art. they are standing in front of a loom weaved with colourful rainbow fabrics, they are holding their ukulele in playing position and looking away from the camera with a thoughtful look.