Rumpus Records: The Suits Release

In August 2023 we hosted an all-ages all-day gig fundraiser for Rumpus Room at the Glad Café, and put on a line up of 13 bands and musicians. It was a lovely way to get together and celebrate Rumpus and the creativity of young people involved in the project. About half the line up were teenage musicians, who rarely are able to access opportunities to play at venues that serve alcohol, and so it felt extra special to platform their (gorgeous) voices and see them rock out, some of them playing their first ever gigs!

Image Description: Fundraiser poster with details of the gig on a yellow, orange, pink & green background, surrounded by small characters (such as Sonic the Hedgehog) playing instruments.

Through facilitating this fundraiser, alongside organiser and sound wizard Charlie Knox/Practice Good Practice, we were reminded of the importance of opportunities for young people to express themselves in this way. Therefore we’re getting a new project off the ground; Rumpus Records, with the aim to be able to keep working with young musicians, beginning with those that performed at the Glad Café last year.

Rumpus Records exists to help young musicians to record, mix and master their own original material.  We work with groups and solo artists of all styles helping them to hone their craft and find their sound. We seek to instil a spirit of DIY independence and sonic exploration and equip participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to release their work into the world in a way that they feel best represents them.

Image Description: A digital drawing of a yellow record with blue in the middle, a green outline and the text ‘RUMPUS RECORDS’ across it. The record image has two purple eyes with eyebrows between the text and a smile.

We’re really pleased to present the first work from this project: a set of four songs from The Suits. (Go check it out here)

Image Description: The Suits’ album cover for their new EP ‘ALL IN’. Four figures in white shirts run toward the camera on an otherwise empty street in the darkness, lit by streetlights.

We’ve had an absolute blast working with these talented young people and their EP is astonishingly good. We can’t wait to see what they do next!

They’re playing live at 6:30 on the 16th of February at Strange Field (105 French St, Glasgow G40 4EH, UK), entry £5. We’ll be there and so should you!

Rumpus Records is a collaboration between Rumpus Room and Charlie Knox (Practice Good Practice, Semispecific Ensemble). Next up we’re excited to be working with a solo artist that plays music as EscapismBlues (and is also part of the studio’s young artist committee!). After that keep your eyes peeled for applications that will open again later in the year if you are or know of any young person making music who would love to record their sounds!