Sessions 3 and 4: Anti-Imperialist Reading Group

Our Anti-Imperialist Reading Group continued to meet in the new year at two sessions on Friday 23rd February and Friday 1st March. These sessions were again led by Hussein Mitha and Maya Uppal, and centred around discussing the prompt “What is zionism and how can we fight it?”

Image credit: The Creative Militant by Honsi Radwan (1997), published by PFLP,
from the PPP archive

In this two-part workshop the group deepened their understanding of the Palestinian struggle by examining the history and provenance of Zionism. The discussion traced the continuities between antisemitism and Zionism, and looked at ways in which Zionism weaponises Jewish identities to justify centuries of European antisemitism and transform this history into a new settler colonial project. Participants were encouraged to examine Zionism from the POV of those subjected to it and challenge the propaganda of Israel and its allied powers.

The workshops also encouraged creative responses to the fight for Palestinian freedom. Together the group explored speculative fictioning as a form of creative resistance and used creative writing exercises to imagine what the end of Zionism will look like.

The artists have created a document of resources that informed the discussion, which can be found here.